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Theory, Techniques, Grooves and more!


What if I told you there’s a simple method to play all the songs that you love? 
Let me introduce you to the Online Rock Lessons Piano Method.
Your A to Z path to piano freedom. 


In this level, we’re gonna talk about all the basics such as, the right posture, the notes on the piano and on the staff, how to read a music sheet, understanding the rhythm of a song, the scales and so much more.


In this level, we’re gonna talk about triad chord symbols, how to make your chords sound like a pro, I’ll teach you amazing pop rock and blues grooves and how to play with a chord sheet.


In this advanced level, you’ll learn how to play 4 notes chords such as the maj7, dom7, add9, diminished and more. We’re also gonna dive in the lead sheet, how to read it, understand it and play beautiful piano arrangements. 


Get access to our masterclass library with hundreds of pre-recorded videos so you can easily keep track of your progress and never lose any lessons even if you go on vacation.


Have fun learning the songs you love with our song tutorials library. Get access to song video breakdowns with tempo variation, grooves and comping, solo transcriptions and music sheets so you can take your time and learn at your own pace.


Play with the Online Rock Lessons Band!
From beginner to advanced, the Rockstar Journey is a step-by-step masterclass that walks you through the playing of the greatest pop, rock, and blues pianists of all time.

You’ll get access to 45 amazing backing tracks made by real musicians to learn how to play in the style of songs such as Sweet Home Alabama (Lynyrd Skynyrd), Penny Lane (The Beatles), Don’t Stop Believing (Journey) and so much more.

‘’I enrolled in her online lessons and couldn't be more stoked. Her site has everything I need as a long time guitar player wanting to learn keyboards. Can't recommend it highly enough, finally found a method I can stick with and enjoy.’’
Jesse B.

Unlimited Piano & Keyboards Lessons From Anywhere In the World!

Online Rock Lessons

Frequently Asked Questions

Online Rock Lessons is an online music school and community for piano, keyboards and hammond organ player. We welcome student from all level looking to transform their piano skills to next level. 
You’ll find everything from music theory, fundamentals, technique, songs and transcriptions to styles like rock, metal, blues, pop and funk. 

The Online Rock Lessons Academy offers many music style such as pop, funk and blues music.
In addition, our teachers made sure that every rock inspired exercises can be adapt to other musical popular styles.

That’s okay! We have all the courses and the tutorials you need to get you started. Once logged in, you can do our start up quiz to get access to a courses list just for your level. 

Absolutely! With your membership you’ll get access to professional musicians with thriving creative careers.
When you get to the masterclass directory you can filter the courses for advanced and intermediate levels.

At Online Rock Lessons we are happy to be offering a lot of theory and fundamental content in our masterclass library. We have a large courses content to teach you everything you need to know to start playing the piano and keyboards.