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A new approach to piano freedom

If you’re looking for a clear path to learn the piano, to feel confident playing your favorite songs, and be excited to share your progress with your friends and family, then this ultimate piano method will be the best decision that you make for your future. 

A fun piano method that will give you faster results.

The Online Rock Lessons piano method will give you more progress in the next few months than you would have experienced in years by yourself. 


You’re a classical piano player who want to expend his skills to chords and improvisation.

You’ve tried many piano courses but you’re still not improving.

13. You’re spending months playing the old same song

11. You’ve tried private lessons but the scheduling is too complicated for your needs.

You’ve been spending more time searching on YouTube then actually playing.

14. You’re lost and confuse about how to play piano in a band

Hey There! I'm Marine!

Since 2007 I’ve been working with thousands of aspiring piano student from all levels and ages.

As an active member for Uncle Kracker and Corey Hart, I felt the needs to create a new piano method for a less classical approach to learning the piano. 

I had opportunity to interact with many student that were looking for a method to learn their favorite songs faster and better.
Being able to learn pop rock and blues music without sight reading every single notes.